Brilliant Proposal Idea for those on a tight Budget

So you have made the life changing decision to propose…nice, that is actually one of the most difficult decision you will ever make. So well done!! Seriously it can take some people many years to even get to this point (like me).The next step is crucial not urgent but crucial.

How are you going to Propose?

Ah, you need a decent proposal idea because you don’t want to look like an idiot who just does it out of the blue with no clue (don’t use rubbish rhyming like that… my apologies). You will be glad to know that it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to propose…fantastic. And no just because its not expense does not mean it will be rubbish all you need is a little creativity… and a ring (if you don’t want to be laughed at).

When I shortlisted my ideas most of them probably looked similar to yours and every other person whom has ever proposed.

  • At dinner
  • In a hot air balloon
  • On the beach
  • Hill Top
  • Heli ride (I thought about it but I would not get her in the helicopter so idea was short lived)

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the list above as you can mould your proposal using your own creative ideas and make it into your own unique proposal. Don’t forget that the question itself is pretty darn unique for you both. OK, not intending to tread on any toes here as some of you may have made proposals before, been proposed too or been married but still quite a unique moment.

I had ideas spinning in my head for weeks and in the end I made a mental list of things I knew she liked and came up with the following idea….remember unique to us.

She loves Christmas and the film “Elf” with Will Ferrell. This was all I needed to spark something truly unique.

This is how it panned out.

Christmas Day: We opened our presents in the morning like we do every year. I kept her last present to one side and gave it to her once she and everyone else were done opening theirs. I told her to open it and I snuck out of the room. My moment had arrived. The last present I gave her was a DVD with a note to put it in the DVD player. On the DVD was a video I had made with myself dressed as Buddy the elf from the film “Elf”.

Part 1: The video started of with some Christmas music and I asked her to guess what extra surprise I had got her that Christmas. Part 2: The screen presented 3 pictures: A house, a chihuahua puppy (She wanted another one) or a car, this was the curve ball as no ring mentioned. I played some Christmas music whilst she guessed. Whilst the video was paying I was getting dressed…as Buddy the Elf. Part 3: I appeared on screen again and told her I would help her guess. Part 4: The screen displayed a new series of pictures: A mug  with the number one on it, a carrot, a diamond playing card, a gold car and a boxing ring. This made up 1 carat diamond gold ring however she could not guess it.Part 5 I appeared  on screen and told her to look to her right where I was standing in the Elf outfit only a few feet away. I must add that I dogs were going mental at this point as they thought we had an intruder, this all added to the nerves. As she turned to look at me, I said I have not bought her any of the three things I said I had mentioned. I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. And she said Yes, burst into tears and I was made the happiest man alive. Smashing.

But to bring this back to the point of this post, this is what it cost me:

  • 1 elf suit (eBay) £15-00
  • 1 blank DVD. Approx £0-39
  • a little bit of wrapping paper. £0-50 (Buy wrapping paper literllay a few days before Christmas you get some decent stuuf for a fraction of the price)
  • Some creativity (

So all in all this cost me about £16-00 (£15-89 to be exact) but it was the best money ever spend.

Lets be honest your partner would prefer to tell the story of an original proposal, one which you put thought into. My advise is to be more creative on the proposal, and use the money saved on a nice ring. Trust me, it is the best engagement advice in the world.

Last words, good luck you will nail it.


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