Rescuing a Chihuahua

I am not going to lie Pets are not for everybody however to many pets are literally everything, some would say their life. Cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, birds you name it, someone you know has a pet.
If you are keen on getting a pet please ensure that you take the time to consider everything which goes with having pets and how to take care of them. This may sound like your parents talking to you but it is unfortunately true. It is true what they say about dogs, they are for life so make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for. Our Chihuahuas are great in one breath and often a nightmare in another, it took us years to properly toilet train the older one (in the photo) and he still has “accidents”. That said I would not give them up for anything, they do light up our day.
Now the fun and exciting bit, you know the facts after the amount of Googling you have done and you now know pets are needy.
This article is aimed at persuading you to consider rescuing at pet or a chihuahua rather than purchasing one. For the sake of this post I will concentrate on dogs as I we have two lovely chihuahua’s at home.
I have highlighted some very positive reasons why you should consider rescuing below.

  • Rescuing a pet is extremely rewarding: You have potentially saved a life. Unfortunately many dogs are not lucky enough to even make it to the rescue centres if abandoned. You will be surprised how many great animals don’t get a home as there are not enough people like you who come forward to adopt them. Your adoption gives that particular animal a chance to fulfill a good life rather than one on the street or worse.
  • You will get a healthy pet: The centres have trained professionals and experienced volunteers who know how to care for animals. This cannot always be said about purchasing a pet from a breeder or puppyfarm. Many breeders are in the business with the best intentions but unfortunately there are those that aren’t.
  • It is much cheaper: The fees are really low however extra donations are advised as the centres where these animals are kept have tight budgets and at times limited funding.

This post is probably the one that is closest to my heart as a dog lover. Rescuing a dog or in fact any pet and giving it a home is the best deal you will ever get, knowing that you saved an animals life is more rewarding than you can imagine, saving money is only an added bonus.

If you are considering rescuing a dog or even a cat have a look at the sites below. They also have a ton of information and have contacts to speak to.

If you have any advice or comments on rescuing a dog/cat or any pet, please comment as it could help others pursue their dream of owning a furry, feathery or scaly friend.

*The chihuahua in the photo is mine.


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