Cheap Wedding Dresses @ Bridal Sample Sales in the UK!

As a groom you are not meant to know much about the brides dress. To be honest I didn’t…not a clue what it looked like before and I did not want to until the day came. I do however know a little about the cost element as we did budget for it. Now from a fella’s perspective, I suppose many of us don’t see the point in spending hundreds or in fact thousands on a dress for one day. What we don’t think about is that this one day is the finale, the culmination of lifelong imagination and planning on the brides behalf which all concludes on the big day. What she wears on the day is the outfit shes been dreaming of since childhood, so the dress is a pretty big deal.

It would be important to add at this point that my fiance’ had informed me that she had her ideal dress in mind but when it came down to selection, apparently she went for something which she had not envisaged.

So to sum it up:

Imagination+ Planning+ Money+ fiance’= No clue what they want

The best part is they had a lifetime to prepare. But all is not lost, I have been told that once they see it… they know. A bit like a man with that dream car really. You may laugh when I say that a dress does not have to cost a fortune, I imagined as you did that an expensive dress just comes with the territory.

SAMPLE SALE is the name, BrideZilla’s the game. Lucky for me I have not personally attended a Bridal Sample Sale however I have been informed that it was an intense experience and not for the faint-hearted bride to be. So what exactly is a Sample Sale? Simple really, a sale where the retailer sells garments at a fraction of a price of the RRP. This may be due to previous season or perhaps stock excesses but there is no doubt, the savings are immense. My fiance made an estimated 80% saving purchasing her dress. Now not all dresses will have the same discount however any saving on a dress is money in the bank, money which will probably go on something else. The bridal shop where the Sample Sale was held is called Anya Bridal Couture, or twitter @Anya_Bridal and they are located in Hampshire, England. Other sale items also included shoes, tiara’s and bridesmaids dresses. Not sure how often these Sample Sales occur at Anya Bridal Couture however as fella with an eye for a saving, in my opinion every bride needs to get herself to one of these sales. This Sample Sale is not exclusive and I have seen others advertised in different parts of the UK so do your research. Look it up, it will be worth your while.

Ladies (and some gentlemen) love sales shopping and have probably spent a fortune in doing so but this was only to prepare them for the ultimate versions of sale shopping in sample sales. So to conclude, sales shopping is like a sport with the Sample Sale being the World Cup final but with every bride holding the cup or dress in our case at the end of it.


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