Hire or buy Wedding Suit?

A gentleman’s wedding attire does not have to cost a fortune. With a little research deals can be found anywhere but its important to know what sort of thing you are after before you embark on your voyage.

Two important aspects before we descend into the detail.

  • You should have the colour/s and theme set in stone as a change of mind can affect your overall budget…different topic. What I am saying is hold off on the Groom’s Outfit until you are sure as to be honest you can sort an outfit out in no time at all.
  • Use Google Images and Pinterest to get outfit ideas, simply use the colour or theme plus wedding as the keywords in the search.

Now you have an idea as to which outfit would look amazing on your wedding day, you may descend upon your Web Browser however there is one more factor to consider; To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

This is probably the most important factor to analyse as you may be surprised which option works out to be better value for money. I must add that we all have our own interpretation of value for money, my personal opinion is that if you can buy something for the same or similar cost to hiring, you may as well buy.

Let me elaborate with a simple cost breakdown below.

Hire Cost: Averaging between £50 to £150 depending on number of outfit pieces. £50 probably gets you a simple outfit; suit (2 piece), shirt & tie/cravat. £150 would get you a very classy suit (3 piece inc waistcoat), shirt, tie/cravat and shoes. For our wedding we require three gentlemen’s outfits which consists of a slim fit 3 piece suit, shirt, tie and shoes. Excluding the shoes, the cheapest hire option for a version of outfit we singled out was around £79.00 each, at around the £237.00 mark not bad if you budgeted for this amount but being me I wanted more for less, sound familiar?

Purchase Breakdown: Needless to say it depends on what you want but to keep this simple I will stick to my choice. I wanted a royal/navy blue suit, slightly textured white shirt, gold tie and brown shoes. I bought the entire 3 piece royal blue suit for £50 (a real bargain more on that in a sec), a textured white Saville Row shirt for £20 and gold cravat for £3.00.

Suit: You may or may not be surprised that I purchased three good quality, well tailored suits from Matalan, yes Matalan for £150.00 in total averaging £50.00 each which is staggering. I was lucky as my lovely fiance has an eye for a bargain as well and found the suits on the Matalan website with money off. Some of you may not have considered Matalan as your supplier however the retailer has some great offers, you just need to know get your PennyFella head on and investigate all options. It seems we got a decent deal with little quality compromise.

Shirt: 3 Saville Row Shirts from Saville Row Co for £60.00 which again a decent offer as they fit really well and look classy.

Cravat: £3.00 each in the Marks and Spencer sale, these also came with a silk handkerchief.

All three outfits for a very respectable total of £219.00 and the beauty is that we can keep them. Considering the hire cost would have been more or less the same depending on were we shopped. Purchasing was therefore the better value for money option.

Tip: Don’t settle for the first suit you see, shop around and you may find you can get a better option for less.

Groom’s Outfit websites we used:





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