Completing surveys for money! Is it worth the effort?

So completing surveys for money has tickled your money earning radar but is it really worth it?  Well to put it bluntly yes, however don’t quit your job just yet.

I have honestly given this 100% of my finest efforts to see if its really worth doing. I have probably earned around £10 for a few hours work so its not exactly bread winning standards but it is money at the end of the day. One very attractive strand to completing surveys is the simplicity for the novice to start as well as the amount of surveys you could complete.

How do you start then? There are several companies that offer rewards for completing surveys however the two I focused my efforts on were IPSOS Access Panels and GLOBALTESTMARKET

Both have slightly different approaches but the work is the same, complete surveys you are eligible for with IPSOS paying in vouchers and GlobalTestMarket paying you in cash. Your eligibility depends on the answers your filled out upon the initial sign up so for example if you own a pet you will be sent surveys on pets, if you don’t it is less likely that you will get a survey on it. The more honest you are upon signing up i.e. if you don’t own a car don’t state that you do because you will get surveys on purchasing cars and why. If your survey answers contradict your profile information you may find less surveys sent to your inbox. The other difficulty you may face is that you will find yourself answering only a few questions which results in a “Thank you for attempting the survey but the rest of the questions don’t relate to your criteria” and you will get minimum payment. That said honesty is always the best poilicy and your efforts do pay off as the surveys don’t dry up. Large organisations rely on the market information received from these Research companies as they want to know what their clientele want or they will be out of touch and consequently out of pocket.

I found it difficult to really get into it however that may be due to my own preferences. There are thousands of individuals who complete these surveys as its easy to do and very convenient. Some survey companies even have mobile applications which offers very flexible earnings, you could complete surveys whilst commuting on the train or bus.

My recommendation would be to try one of the organisations mentioned, if you live in Europe probably IPSOS first as the questions relate to European products and services were Global Test Market is based in the USA so surveys may be for products you don’t know much about however this does not stop your earning potential. This may again not be for every one however it is a simple, effective and actual way of earning money online.





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