Find a bargain on Police Auctions Online

I stumbled across Bumble Bee Auctions a few months ago by chance really. Numerous online searches for different types of auction sites and the staggering deals on Police Auctions Online helped me find the website Bumble Bee Auctions.

So what exactly is the idea behind Police Auctions Online. In a nutshell, it is seized property which the police have in their possession of which the original owners have not claimed or to be frank can’t claim due to unfortunate events (I will leave that to your imagination). There are several police forces which form part of Bumble Bee Auctions. Items available to bid on include jewellery, bicycles, iPods and pretty much anything else they have seized. In other words somewhere to buy stolen goods legally…from the police.

Don’t expect the best looking website however once you start to do a bit of searching, it is at this point you realise that the purpose of the site is simple: Seize it,  sell it and post/collect it. A perfect example of the auction wording gives the indication that the items are not over advertised for example ” Yellow metal ring with 5 stones”. This particular auction is was going for £16.50 with 3 days to go. Now you do take a chance on what you may get but if you knew what you were looking at you could get a bargain. The descriptions are done with the describe what you see methodology. Sticking with the same auction, it had the description that there are some markings on the inner surface but only two letters can be made out, CZ. So if you knew what the letters meant and you think its worth a punt bid and grab a bargain. However if you don’t you may choose to take a chance and if you are lucky could find yourself with a gold ring. Items can be collected or posted, postage varies and is not applicable to all auctions. Where buyers choose to collect, arrangements have to be made however it works very similar to click and collect from a high street retailer but with a prearranged appointment.

You have to open a free account in order to bid however this process is simple. Have a look at Bumble Bee auctions, you will definitely be surprised what the Police have for sale and grab yourself a real bargain.


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