You can save money on gaming!

As a gamer I know all too well how expensive games can be on release day. I recently purchased both Fallout 4 and FIFA16 and I have to admit they set me back in excess of £70 combined so I am fully aware of the cost. Now my suggestion below may not suit all types of gamers but it may give a few those an idea which could save them money over a period of time because all of use want to save money on gaming.

Lets start with my approach. I have no preference to purchasing games, from high street stores like Game or CEX or shopping online mainly eBay though. I have been using CEX a lot lately for on the go shopping as they have great deals. Only a few game genres attract my attention but I often try random games based on reviews. If I like a game and I usually end up keeping it for a good few months. Then there are those that I play for a short period of time but get bored of very quickly.

Now to the point of this post. The idea is simple, once you get of a game or put it on the shelf, sell it. Don’t kid yourself that you will be playing that game again as you are loosing out. For every day that the game remains on your shelf it looses value. Now you won’t get the same as what you paid for it but at least you are able to use the money to perhaps start the process again to buy that other game you wanted.

Lets a hypothetical example:

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on release day was probably priced at about £45-£55.

A month after release date you could get between £35-£40 depending on the condition of the product.

3-4 months probably £20-£25.

As you can see it looses value rapidly and this was a game with very high demand do to the overall popularity of the brand. So if you paid £45 for it, finished it within a few weeks but hold onto it for a few months you would loose more than if you sold it after a few weeks. As the game actually ends up only costing you £20 over its lifetime it works out cheaper than keeping it. There is no point on holding onto it as it is only you who looses out.

Now the beauty of this approach is that if you fancy playing those games at a later period, you could probably purchase them for a lot less than you sold them for. Once you grasp the economic aspect of buying and selling you may take this approach on other consumables you purchase. This process is similar for films as the demand is higher at release and deminishes the longer the product is in the market. So to sum up, flog it once you are done with it as its worth your while.

This whole process of supply and demand is taught to many first year Business and Economics students however the logic can be used by anybody and most individuals already understand this concept, others need to be reminded. I did say it was a simple suggestion, but sometimes the most simple suggestions can save you a lot of money.


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