Free Ordnance Survey Maps

Not everybody needs an Ordnance Survey Map but to those that do, the geographical detail provide by the map may be crucial to the onlookers in their endeavours. You may find that when you need obtain a physical copy of one, you would be bowled over at the cost of it. The Ordnance Survey map copies I required ranged from £6.99 to £7.99 each which is not cheap by any standard. So I went in search of an alternative, can you get free ordnance survey maps? to answer this question I went in search of a bargain as always.

I eventually ended up on Bing Maps ( ), where you have the option to change the map style to Standard, London Street Maps and Ordnance Survey Maps. Result. All you need to do is search for the location in the search box, click on the down arrow next to the Road Tab, where you will see the Ordnance Survey option. The cool thing is that you can zoom in and out to scale the level of detail intensity you require. The most significant part of your interaction with the site is that you have the option on the right hand side of the screen to print a copy of the map you are viewing…for free and as many as you would like. It is really that easy.

Now with the ever improving 3G and 4G signals, you may not even have to print a copy as you could use your mobile internet enabled smart phone or tablet to view the maps on the move. Unfortunately the mobile internet signal in most rural areas including the area I live in is still pants, which emphasizes the reason for this post as I have to print the copies I need but I will save at least£14.98 in doing so (not considering the expense of printing the pages…obviously).

Now take a hike, seriously with a free map everyone should.


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