Superb Coffee Shop Marketing Tip

Sat in my local Starbucks looking at the gigantic Christmas rush queue, I noticed something that I have never really paid much attention to. It seems that thirsty coffee lovers no longer just wait in the queue staring into the abyss,the majority use the time looking at their mobile phones. To do what exactly?

Is it:

a. To either look at their social media accounts like my wife.

b. To answer messages or emails.

c. To look at anything on the phone just to look busy and not like a loner.

d. To look at anything as they are bored.

In a modern social media driven society I presume the answer is most likely to be (a.) however I suspect that many of us may be surprised at how many people only look at their phones in a queue as they are either bored or don’t want to look like they are bored as someone in the queue may speak to them (why people don’t want to talk in a queue anymore is a strange phenomenon but sadly its true).

This coffee queue situation made me think that perhaps there is not enough in the coffee shop to entice the customer to peek over the phone screen. My business brain tells me that maybe this is an opportunity for a bit of lite advertising or lite distraction. I am not talking about “another” massive poster with the Starbucks logo but perhaps something a little more subtle like a “Thank you” from a nonprofit organisation which has benefited from the Starbucks Foundation or perhaps the statement below which I found on the Starbucks website.

The Starbucks Foundation gave $6.9 million in 2015, making 128 grants to nonprofit organizations. Grants included $3 million for Starbucks Youth Leadership Grants and $1.5 million in social development grants.

Original source for this qoute:

That sounds impressive thus I think they should use a statement like that more often as many of us actually think that helping others is important. Imagine a poster in a wooden picture frame (pictures in a classy wooden frame will undoubtedly attract more eye traffic than a crappy plastic one) with a cup of coffee on it (yes very original) or perhaps kids from the Starbucks Youth Leadership Grants with this statement below in a not so obvious print.

You buying our coffee has helped the Starbucks Foundation give $6.9 million in 2015 alone. These guys thank you for your continued support.

Original Source: PennyFella’s mind

Brilliant I know, I was a marketing exec in my previous life…no not really but I have studied marketing which does imply that I know a little about the subject.

You/they can even add in a QR Code in the picture, if the customer wants to read a little more whilst they sip on their coffee all they need to do is scan the QR Code with an app like Redlaser. More on QR Codes at a later time.

I think other more local coffee shops can use similar marketing tactics, photos of locations where the coffee originates from, supporting Fairtrade (click here if you want to know more about Fairtrade) is always a welcome read or something of similar importance. The key to reading articles like this is to trigger you own marketing brain to produce something which is unique to your particular business.

So you ask: Why go through all of this effort? No Massive Marketing Slogan no business right?

My opinion is that modern marketing has to up its game as massive posters bearing the big logo with an even bigger slogan is becoming white noise, everyone is doing it which makes it blend in with the masses. Yes it can be effective in certain markets, there is no doubt about that but this approach to marketing is no longer enough. Differentiation must prevail, people like a story but it must be believable. Long term profitability is established with an on going relationship. Yes, good coffee goes a long way but a conversation from customer to the next potential customer stating that a particular coffee shop is doing great things for communities can unknowingly influence that persons decision in future as to where they should get their caffeine fix from.

*If any of you reading this want a little inspiration can do so via the Contact PennyFella page. Click Here to go there.


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