How to save money while shopping with RedLaser

Many of us still get a buzz from actually going to a store to shop rather than shopping online. Don’t get me wrong, shopping online has its many benefits but people still like a good old fashioned walk round a mall and flashing the plastic (using a card to make a purchase). There is a reason why it is known as “Retail Therapy”, as it can make you feel satisfied with yourself at that point. However this feeling can be short lived as it is only when you realise you did not actually need what you bought, which can in turn make you feel worse so unfortunately impulse purchases can be futile. Physically visiting your favourite store is an age old method of shopping but going from shop to shop to find the best deal can get tedious and a waste of your very valuable time.

So the question is: How to save money while shopping?

Step in RedLaser

What is it?

Barcode Scanner, Deal Finder & QR Code Reader. Brought to you by the eBay Inc. comes a very handy little application which goes one step further from the eBay barcode. Simple really, you scan the barcode of the product which you want to find the best deal on and RedLaser will find the best deals available to you by displaying the best online and local deals to you. WOW. This also includes displaying deals available on eBay which is handy. The beauty of a barcode scanner is that you will find the best option available for the exact product you have the barcode of (unless the scanner can’t find the code you are looking for which I have found with other applications offering the same service).

How to get the app?

If you have not done so already, you will need to download the RedLaser app for your mobile, tablet, phablet etc. This can be done by searching for the app on your relevant application store, in my case Apple App Store. If like me you are an Apple user try this alternative link ( ). You don’t have to be an eBay user to see the eBay deals however if you want to purchase off eBay you have to be registered…obviously.( )

How to use it?

Once you have the app open, you can scan any barcode or alternatively you could type it in the search box which acts as 2 for 1 deal finder.

Why should you use it?

I have saved myself a bundle using the eBay App version of this feature and I very recently stumbled across this version which seems so much better. It becomes particularly useful whilst in book stores or when a friend of mine has an item which I like. It does help using it regularly as it will also stop those impulse purchases which in turn will save you money. One particular example I have was a website building book I liked the look of at a local bookshop. It was priced at £15-00, when I scanned the barcode I found a buy it now price for a second hand book on eBay for £5-00, needless to say which option I was going to opt for. As an avid eBay user anyway I love this option. RedLaser also has a handy feature which tells you if there are any better deals for the scanned product at any of the other shops in or near your vicinity. It can also store all of your Loyalty Cards in one place, I loose everything bar my iPhone so this is quite handy for someone like me.

If like me you get bored of apps easy but keep the ones which are actually useful, have a go at using this app as in time it will save you money which is why I love it.

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